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Sri Lanka is a world celebrated destination for valuable colored gems and is home to about 40 varieties of gems out of 85 varieties available in the whole world.
Gems of the corundum family are either star sapphires or rubies. When light falls on these stones a star effect is visible.
Blue Sapphire is Sri Lanka’s gem supreme and finest in the world.
3 main varieties of chrysoberyl gems are ordinary yellow green chrysoberyl , alexandrite and cat’s eye.
Spinal is a gem stone found in great abundance in Sri Lanka than either corundum or chrysoberyl. Some of the other gems stones are Almandine garnet, Amethyst , Aquarmarine , Quartz, Beryl , Moonstones , Topaz , Zircon , Tourmaline and Emerald.
All the natural gem stones have some or at least one impurity inside being natural. Like the sapphires Sri Lankan moonstones are the bluest you will find and the milky hue is rare.
Sri Lankan Gems are extremely popular among tourists. Gem shops are available in Ratnapura , Kandy , Galle , Colombo & many towns.
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Gems and jewellery company with having 20 years of local, regional and global experience. It was started in 1995 and incorporated in December 2000, under the Companies Act No.2 of 1982 and as required, re-registered under the Companies Act No.7 of 2007. Our Partner of Gems and Jewellery is legally constituted under the direction of a board, consisting of well experts with over 45 years of collective experience in gem and jewelry sourcing, production and marketing guided by the National Gems and Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka which started initially with 1 branch operation in Kandy with a small clientele and have grown up to 05 branches in Sri Lanka.

Their main product range and it’s the best quality gem and jewelry products in Sri Lanka. Our gem and jewelry product are comes with two main categories.

Jewelry Items;
Precious and semi-precious gem stones
They manufacture exclusive and hand crafted jewelry such as precious and semi-precious gem studded Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, and other ornaments in 18 Kt, 14 Kt in Yellow Gold, White Gold & Sterling Silver.