Madu River Safari Sri Lanka

Madu River Safari Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka in Galle district Madu Ganga river starts as a minor water course widening into Madu Ganga Lake at Balapitiya & flows a further 4.4 KM drains into the sea. The estuary and many mangrove islets constitute a complex coastal wetland ecosystem.

A Boat Safari tour will take you through the mangrove marshes & can learn about the positive effects on ecology.

You get a chance to see crocodiles, water snakes ,tree snakes, wild boars in their natural habitats. You can watch, cormorants, storks & many other birds hunting for prey in swift flowing water. Also you can view the pots for catching prawns & shrimps in shallow areas of river. Stop by in some islands on Madu river to see the flush growth of cinnamon. There is also an old Buddhist temple on one small island.

Visit the outdoor foot massage parlour where you can dangle your feet into a fenced part of river to get treated by the massage fish.

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