Water Sports

Water Sports in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka being an island with water all around and sandy beaches to match is a great place for tourists who love adventure water sports activities. East coast is the best area for water sports during April to September & south west coast is best during November to April. Boards and gear are available for hire locally but always take advice of locals on strong currents in water.
Surfing in Sri Lanka is enjoyable in high quality waves, warm water and friendly locals ensuring a trip of a lifetime. Windsurfing is very popular in the tranquil waters of Hikkaduwa , Bentota Trincomalee and Negombo lagoon.

Sri Lanka is blessed with moderate strong breezes and provides perfect conditions for windsurfing. Kalpitiya is the best place for kite surfing with winds constant for about 10 months and flat water in the lagoon. Jet Ski riding is very popular and head out onto the ocean at super high speed and enjoy Boogie boarding too at Bentota and Mirissa.

Also try activities like Scuba Diving Snorkeling to explore the colourful underwater world. Ride in a glass bottom boat to view the beautiful marine life including coral reefs intricate underwater plants and creatures in their natural habitat.

Another adventure available is white water rafting at Kithulgala on the waters of picturesque Kelani river.It is great fun and excitement covering five major rapids and four minor rapids.

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Experience the new activity Flyboard in Sri Lanka. Fly like Ironman and swim like a dolphin, try new exciting tricks.

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Jet ski

A jetski is a symbol of moving quickly over water which equates to changing emotions. Typically, like with boats, the jetski is akin to floating on water and therefore has meanings hidden with feeling something that is just beneath the surface. Because of the fun and entertaining nature of jetskis they also relate to lightening up and not taking things so seriously.

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Super Mable

Experience an exciting day of towable action on the Super Mable or put your feet up and relax, using it as a deluxe lounge float.

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Bandwagon is an activity where you can ride the water on a giant inflatable while being pulled by a jetski! It’s a fast ride, so you have to hang on tight to the handles. 

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Kayak Tour

If you want to sight see while being a little more active, we also provide tours of the mangrove by kayak!

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If you’re looking for something with action, get towed by our speedboat while you try wakeboarding! If it’s your first time, we offer lessons, come try it out!

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Snorkel Tours & Scuba Diving

  • Snorkel Tours

    See what’s under the water with our snorkeling tours! Take a short boat ride to the location and enjoy the safety of snorkeling with one of our trained snorkeling instructors!

  • Scuba Diving

    Want go deeper? We offer scuba diving courses for everyone!

    Whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced diver with a license, our PADI certified instructor will take you to show you the best under water spots in the area and ensure you a safe diving experience!

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Banana Boat Ride

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Tube Ride

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Deep Sea Fishing,Speed Boat Cruise,Sofa,Lay Down Water Sports…

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Experience the unique water sports activities by arranging your holiday tour with Sri Lanka Tourism Hub..