White Water Rafting & Gaming

White Water Rafting & Gaming

Water Rafting

Battle the ferocious White Water Rafting river as you swiftly paddle down the river and wind through unpredictable terrain and towering waterfalls.

Other Activities

  • Bird Watching Trek / Jungle Tracking / Hiking (2-3hours).
  • Rock Pool Sliding Adventure at the Rock Pools.
  • Waterfall Abseiling Adventure at the Sadun Fall( 40 Meters ).
  • White Water Kayak adventure activities
  • Zip Line Adventure activities(275 Meters).


Eco lodges/tree-houses set 6 ft above ground level. Each has twin beds, lampshades and hooks made from natural woods from the estate. Roofed with palm leaves and walled by wooden slats, yet discreetly modernised with electricity and plumbing..

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